Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rojak Buah Cina Mana Ntah

had a great today
although a bit tiring
well a lot
but its worth it
thanks ms.i-translate-songs, ms.i-like-to-be-quiet, ms.jealous-i-name-my-things and ms.i-go-cow-hunting ;)

for a day i totally forgot about him
thank you!

everything went smoothly today
except the beginning and the end
i woke up a bit later than planned
and the ending was when the radio suddenly went to a station that was reading Al-Quran
freaakkyy i tell you
i was like 'shh. don't talk about it now'
tsktsktsk :O

an unforgettable moment was when
ms.jealous-i-name-my-things said that two cows were doing something to each other
two MALE cows

classic moments


thank you girls :D

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