Saturday, August 8, 2009

Maggi Goreng Rafi

do you regret even being with me?
i am sure you do

i feel like the only one trying to save this mess
maybe i am
i just don't want to admit it out yet

you used to proudly say you love me
or that you fully trust me
now your just too insecure about me
you even don't want to talk to me
you want to be alone

you say your slightly not sane
but seriously
i know you just don't want to commit to me anymore

you say you want me
then why the hell do i feel so fucking unwanted?

before this i could confidently say we would get over this and get back together
now i am having serious major doubt here

i realize i am a glutton for punishments
all i want to do is talk to you about it
but you can't even bother

just please!
if you can't decide or don't know what to do
please just go!
i can't take it anymore okay!
i hate playing this game you so want to play
its either we get back or you just fucking leave me alone
tell me
so i can cleanse myself from this if you choose not to be with me

i need support here people ):
i never had this kind of heartbreak before
i am guessing it is time to move on
but i refuse to move till you tell me

haha haih


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