Saturday, August 8, 2009

Multicoloured Jelly Belly Beans

i can't focus
all i do is
'stop and stone'
as quoted by my sister :P

she also claimed that i have gained weight
just for this week itself
i think i figured out why
i feel like oprah
eating whenever i feel sad
or stressed

you should stop checking out my blog
if you insist on knowing what is going on with me
ask me
if you want me back
ask me
if you insist on YOUR choice
just fuck off
you know where i stand on that matter
if i don't come first
then we will never work
first it was work
now its your friends

exams more exams
food accompanied by more food
with a side dish of,
what else, but

i am sad tired and pissed
i would sing pink-please don't leave me
but i think if you stick to what YOU fucking want
maybe i should sing fine frenzy-almost lover
it fits the situation more

stupid dipshit! ):

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