Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kentucky Snack Plate

i have been fluctuating from indifference and completely sad on just about everything
i am an emotional wreck unfortunately lately
i have a list on what can make me go teary eyed now a days accordingly

1. GOOD melodic music
2. GREAT books
3. silly movies
4. family
5. friends

sad is just an emotion i try to stay clear
but i always seem to be meeting up with it

i was too into my thoughts the other day
that i accidentally hit the door on my leg
now there's a weird subtle line of bruise on my right leg

i am overwhelm by a lot of things
but i don't know what to do

two songs in my head lately
1. a fine frenzy - almost lover
2. chairlift - bruises

don't give me the looks
you guys know who you are

sad angst melancholy gloomy wistful despondent


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