Monday, June 15, 2009

thank you

i just want to say thank you to all my friends and family
especially those i see every week
and also to james dean
you guys are very supportive of me (not always but yeah) ;)
eventhough i always piss you guys off
you guys still stuck by me :)

day 13 (mon)
played the ice cream tycoon game :P
went out and watch '17 again'
zac efron is kind of gay but he was good in the movie
he's also cute ;)
i wanted to shisha again but mr.i wont shisha with you dah already sampai rumah
he was all 'sorry sorry' but hah!
i know him
he isn't sorry at all
go rot (merajuk haha.. i wont merajuk if you belanja shisha ;) k thanks yeah)
then finally sent my phone for repair
i used my womanly charm to make the process faster
thank you thank you (hahaha)

don't you think life is too short to not notice people around you?

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