Sunday, June 14, 2009


i want to find some flings for this coming semester ;)
im serious
i want at least one every month
no offence james dean
i just feel like i need to expand my horizon to other people
ill be butting into any social outing people have
even if im not invited
ill invite myself
*muka tak malu langsung*

theres someone yang so perasan about a few things
my life does NOT revolve around you okay?
jangan perasan sangat please?
p.s. this is directed to mr.i wont go shisha with u dah :P

day 12 (sund)
woke up laaattee
drove mum to mt.kiara and putrajaya
shishaed with ms.saya perasan bagus and a lesbian
went dinner with fam
played new way of tai ti with bro
played the sandwich game
what a rotten life


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