Saturday, June 13, 2009


i lied
im sure everyone does it
your lying if you said you don't lie
i hate liars
but i am a hypocrite
i have lied before
several times
usually is so i can be socially accepted
and your a liar if you said you don't lie to be socially accepted
people do it once in their life at least
but usually it happens again and again

i lied about something
and im feeling guilty lately
i love my friends to bits
but i know lying isn't acceptable
and what i said is just not acceptable
p.s this is about a lie i told my friends once upon a time(i was 18-19?) when i was young and stupid (i still am but i try to avoid being too stupid)


day 11 (sat)
same ol' rotten day
played BIG 2 online again
watch tv
felt guilty bout how things turn up
met up with miss.i give bone crushing hugs to people :P
we had tea

i hate when people still don't get things even after i tell them 3 times
its called STUPIDITY


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