Saturday, June 13, 2009

thinking of you

i think caprice can really sing and he has swagga' :P ..
he's cute also :P ..
check out his new song 'thinking of you' feat. anatasha

day 9 (thurs)
went lunch with two people who says their not together yet they act like they are (ehem ehem)..
movie watching later on..
'drag me to hell' (its the movie name fyi)..
suspense but still good..
bubble tead :)

day 10 (fri)
rotted again..
found a BIG 2 site..
went shishaing with miss.saya perasan bagus ;) ..
play tai ti again and again with the fam..
ate with miss.i hate u have holidays and i dont :P ..

shut up!
fuck u!
just stop it!
i told u
i want my space!
so just BACK OFF idiot!
(for someone who wants to know sangat)

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