Wednesday, June 17, 2009


someone told me today
that i was not pretty but im not ugly either
so i asked what do you mean?
that person just said i was normal looking but i had an adventureous look
in a way i was insulted
i know i dont have a great face or body at that
but gee must you rub it in my ugly face?

p.s. i know you dont mean to hurt me but you did, so boo you motherchucker!

day 14 (tues)
went out with miss. saya perasan bagus and her ex school mates
played foosball
shishaed with the kids :)
played the ice cream tycoon game again
someone added me :P
this will be interesting

day 15 (wed)
checked my phone at the repairmans
but it wasnt ready :( !
went out with ex assuntarians
someone gave me a penis keychain
miang punya orang!
i shall give it a name soon
flirted with someone ;)
watched terminator AGAIN
bosan jap


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