Thursday, June 18, 2009


i just realize one thing this morning
since im super bored and nothing else to do

i realize ive been acting like a bitch that doesnt care for her friends
in reality i do love my friends and people around me
but i really do act like i could care less about them

i mean
the way i treat people, my friends especially
im not proud of it
i wouldnt want to be treated the way i treat people

do you guys realize that?
my siblings always say i act like one motherchucking selfish bitch
which is true when it comes to them :P
but i never realize it went sampai my friends

i just had this realization

i SHOULD change
tengok la how
if rajin ill do it

p.s. im sorry if ive ever hurt anyone whos reading this
well not my family
fuck them hahaha


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