Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's The Time What's The Day?

I'm sure I've posted this song before
But I don't care
It's a great song, so it's all good

It's hard to distinguish what's right or what's wrong these days
At times it feels what I am thinking
What my principles are
What I stand for
Are totally correct
With supporting parties or evidence
But with just a voice of conviction from someone
It makes me double take
I stand to be corrected as it seems
I'm not making sense am I?
It doesn't matter
To you or to whoever that is reading this

Its hard to enjoy life when you are stuck in a monotonous life
All you do is work, sleep, work, and sleep
I try to enjoy the company of those who are worth it
Those who make an effort to see me
As it is painfully obvious
I'm not the kind of person that tries to keep in touch with people
Over the years I have lost quite a few close friends due to this bad habit
I've tried to change
But other things always comes in the way
So those who are close to me now
Should know that rarely I would seek them out
For a short meet up to catch up
Unless they ask for it
I apologize but it's something that I can hardly change

As it is
There are a handful of people that actually tries
Therefore these people are worth my time and effort to seek out
You know who you are
And I appreciate you guys even though I always make fun of you guys (:
The rest, are just meaningless people

It's hard to see your partner being nice to other people
In a way that is considered inappropriate
And you have to stand there looking at the obliviousness of your partner
Or seeing your partner ignoring your requests
Or seeing your partner being semi-cosy with girls in photos
At times its very tiring and emotionally heavy
With all the amount of heartache you give me
I might be a dramaqueen
But it should be illegal the way your brain works!
And I'm not saying in a nice way whatsoever

Work has been uninspiring
Yet it unable's me to blog often
There are some big decisions I have to make soon
But I'm not sure it is worth it
The time
The money

It's almost raya!

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