Monday, November 22, 2010

I'll Be The Evil Face In The Corner.

You know its love when the person sticks with you through the hard times

I wish to be that person
Always on your mind
With almost everything you do you remember me
That person that you can't stop thinking of
Has there ever existed a person such as that to you before?

We are close to the end
Can you feel it?

I was talking to a friend
As to if I have changed over the year
I would like to think that i've changed in certain ways
I think I am more patient
I do lash out but not all the time anymore
I can think clearer
I know where to place my anger
More mature to say the least
At least, I hope so
Don't you think so?

On another note
Thanks ms.rokokgulungkurus for the thing you gave me
Lets play soon
Hopefully I won't lose ;D
You know you love me!


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