Saturday, March 13, 2010


its funny how you say you want to break up with me
yet you still come read my blog
whats it to you?
whats it to you about what i have to say anymore?
not like we're ever going to be back together
only a gutless guy like you would do what you did to me
even jo bro gave a 27second break up call
it's like what we have is not worth the trouble at all
like you've been playing around behind me all this time
like you think I am just a thing you can settle with a text message
and a status relationship change
least I know how much I mean to you
why did you WANT to waste TWO years of my life?
I could have been with SOMEONE else
someone who has the DECENCY to MEET me or CALL me to break up
SOMEONE who CARES about how I FEEL

I have nothing else to say to YOU
please, just STOP reading my blog
i would rather if it is for my friends or other people but YOU

salute. not.

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