Friday, March 12, 2010


Those dodol represents the. Length and width of a. Male anatomy
So I was thinking yesterday
Just how affected I am by what a certain person has done to me
Since I know he is selfish enough to not find me
For quite some time may I add
I think I will be doing something very interesting
For those who wants to know
You'll have to ask now don't you?

I am like nutmeg
I spice up your life
But can be intoxicating at high dosages
You are like cucumbur
Looks filling
But full of watery bullshit
Don't find me till you think you can man the fuck up
I am guessing never right?
Find other girls
That is what you did kan since you deserted me you sob
Don't tell me you love me
Cause you obviously do NOT mean it
Fuck you
Fuck this
And fuck us

Salute with three packs, a bottle of JD and a stash of weed

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