Friday, December 11, 2009


Check out one of the sign. It says something about wanting to hear or see an asshole, all I need to do is fart. Hahaha. Hilarious. So yeah. It's like 6.10 in the morning, and I haven't, or more like couldn't, sleep. Too many things are bloody irritating me, which made me stay up. So now i'm sitting in front of the tele eating mac n' cheese that is kind of gross till I have a massive headache. Yeah i'm blaming it on the food. I had a lot of random thoughts passing my pounding brain just now, but now I can't seem to think of anything. Oh. Honestly tell me, is it wrong to feel like wanting to stray away from a relationship? Oh. And have you ever wondered how the circus pitch up their tent? Those medium sized tents? Oh. Why is it hard to find girls that swings both ways? Haha. Okay the last one shows how gatal and bored I am now. :b . Yeah. I should go for a walk, but i'm borderline full. So I might lose my 'breakfast' into the lake. :b . Trip. Salute! (:

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