Thursday, June 25, 2009


i just went ballistic
i have no idea what came over me
the combination of lack of sleep, depression and anger
just pushed me over the cliff
i spent up to rm150 on yesterday alone

i broke up with james dean
I'm not sure if he deserves it
but i don't want to tarik balik my words
so i'll let it be for now
i keep checking my phone for messages
when i know there won't be any

yesterday wasn't a good day
i wasted money
i hit myself so hard
i have bruises on my leg
its black already
i went drinking
drunk dialed syz a few times
;) sorry yo!
the worst is
i went over to M's place
in the middle of the night
i'm sorry also yo!

i have great friends
i know they'll be there for me
especially when i need it
thanks yo

p.s. i apologize to the people that had to go through my nonsense yesterday :P

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