Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thump It Hurts.

Main reason for the video was cause the guy was good looking haha.
Very shallow but oh well
Plus the song kind of goes with my brain and emotions right about now

I know it's my own fault
This mindfuck I'm going through right now
I know there can not be anything going on between us
Now or in the near future
It's my own fault to hope and think so
But I can't help it
I can't help but reach out to you even though you NEVER try to reach out to me anymore
It's as if I am the only one making an effort
To which I am
But ntah la
Like I said mindFuck

The seconds or minutes before falling asleep always seems like the most active time for my brain
It's as if my brain is trying to process everything that happen that day
Or trying to process all my feelings
Trying to digest my actions and reactions
It's kind of depressing
And honestly I hate it
I hate that moment
Cause all I can think and process lately is things that I can't have
Things that I wish I could have

MindFuck I tell ya
And the worst thing is that theres no reassurance from anyone about it
I know it sounds pathetic
But hey I never said it sounded great

Shout out to ms.ibreakeverything
Lets go ber-absinthe soon ;)

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