Monday, May 24, 2010

Let It Go With A Whisper Of Hope.

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static

Can you feel it in your bones?
In your core?
The pain that is created through hours and hours
Of useless, well in a way it wasn't useless, ways we do
To achieve what now we think as our greatest achievement
In our short life what we deem as important at this very moment.

Talk about exaggerating?
But this thing we do
This thing we dance around every few months
What would we achieve in the end?

We try to please people we are close with
But in the end, we get burned badly because of it
Can you feel the heat?
I've learned my lesson the moment I got burned
But being the fool I am
I still continue doing it
Still continue wanting to please others

I inhale what I want
I drink what I want
I eat what I want
Who are you to advice me?

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