Monday, December 14, 2009


The picture above is a squid on a stick from a shop that me and ms.ishouldveboughttimtam stumbled upon. It was soo good. Just thinking about the edamame and the squid makes me HUNGRY! Damn. I want food! TT.TT . Hehe, so I went to watch a movie yesterday. While waiting for the movie they played the typical ads. They had a kfc ad playing. It was so weird. They had like tomatoes and random vegies that isn't even in the real menu. Then they had that weird credit card gsc thing, where the guy shows off to the girl with his credit card that he gets 'advantages' and weird things. So it got me thinking, ads these days are just so ridiculous. Most don't even make sense at all. Have you seen the myeg ad? Where a lady suddenly appears infront of a guy and flashes a road tax permit? What does that mean? So weird right?? Well trips, I want to go suffer from starvation now. Salute!

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