Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My toe hit a side walk in subang today, so I had to buy an antiseptic plaster since it was bleeding and all. This was the only cute antiseptic plaster available :) . I want to give credits to ms.iliketosmilebutithurts for being able to withstand my rants for a few days, I would've thought people hate standing me for a long period of time. I'm like medicine shots, I need to be taken in dosages, far apart and be administered by a professional. :b . Anyways, I think I figured something out. I like the idea of that person I like. I mean I like the idea of being with that person, even though I know that person well. I just don't want it to trully become a reality. Get it? Oh and btw, to mr.youknowwhoyouare, I told u to keep it to urself and a secret. Please, try not to talk about it or mention about it to me also until I breach that topic. I know you mean well, but I am old enough to handle myself. Random topic, my new word obsession is to change any word with the starting alphabet of 'w' with 'v'. Just for pronounciation, it doesn't include writing. :). Salute you veird people! ;)

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