Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I know it doesn't look that good, but that was my breakfast for today and I just felt like sharing it with the world. Haha. :b . So this week had a crappy kick start, and it has gone down hill since then. Everything doesn't seem to be enough, every effort done isn't enough to support me. ): . Life isn't on my side this week apparently. I tried to be happy and annoying to people, but in the end it just made me more frustrated with myself. Could life be any harder or throw anymore curve ball to me? On a happier note, I finally was able to pick up my altered jeans. I dare say it looks better than before and it even kind of looks new! I just need to wash it to make it cleaner :D . I am so psyched about that, I've been waiting for two damn weeks for that to be done. :b . Thanks for hearing out my rants people :). Hope you all will have a better week than me!

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