Sunday, August 2, 2009

Won't be your nasty little boy

i didn't realize how clingy i have become to some of my friends :O
ill back off now
who am i to anything about your lives?
mine may be boring than yours
but hey as long as you guys are happy
what the hell right?

i realize that people tend to make simple things just so complicated
things as simple as going to the movies is complicated by bringing your ex's along
or avoiding ending things just because you'll never have that 'thing' you had with him/her together with someone else
i am not saying i am not like that also
i am
its just, i try hard not to do it
but i still do it

at times i love drama
at times i hate drama

p.s. ms. i-break-almost-everything-including-plastic and ms. im-too-busy ;)
you guys are awesome yeah,
no need to be perasan over the last blog


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