Wednesday, June 3, 2009


i had the weirdest dream just now..
im so freaked out that i got out of bed..
James dean called..
i was too lazy and tired to talk..
but he mistook it..
as always..
me being lazy i didnt say anything..

so anyways..
my dream was..
i was outstationing..
i think i was in london..
i was talking to james dean..
he said he asked his cousin to come down from sabah..
the scene changed into me walking towards him and his cousin..
his cousin was very fair and beautiful..
she had a nice body..
then she just smiled and nodded to james dean..
the scene changed again..
i was piggyback riding james dean..
then out of no where..
so i said yes..
the scene changed again..
this time..
i was with all my classmates and james dean's cousin including her mom..
weird ryte?..
we went to a restaurant that was kind of 'kampung-ish' style..
we had a private room with a few windows overlooking some trees and a beach..
out of no where..
i remembered james dean said that his cousin's family had a worse saka problem than mine..
he said something about how powerful their descendent are..
she and her mum started to dance to ward off evil and ghost..
after that..
my friend N from sabah also..
she started to tell about HER family punya saka and what did it do to her family..
she was sitting at the other end of the table..
me and syz was sitting at the other end near the window..
when she finished..
my friend teased her saying how serious my other friend looked like and how rare it was..
i teased her too and i stood up to go disturb her..
out of no where..
she screamed..
she started to point at the window..
everyone looked and there was nothing..
i walked towards her..
i looked again..
i saw a thing that kind of resembled an old lady wearing baju kurung orang dulu dulu..
i immediatly squated and closed my eyes and ears..
i started to mengucap and baca al-fatihah alot of times..
i also thought..
where was james dean when this happen to me?..
then i woke up..
the jolted up kind of waking up..
my heart hurt so bad!..

haih.. that was about 40 minutes ago..
im still worked up over it..
they say if u had a nightmare like this..
the position u woke up..
just change it..
baca a few ayat..
then go back to sleep..
something is just messing with u kind of thing..


my james dean pun useless


  1. muahahaha...damn funneh lah u...haha...

  2. you shld have a rating for these kinda posts, so I would know to avoid em! xD! scarrry