Monday, June 8, 2009

days of my life

Day 4(sat)

same ol' same ol'..
rotted at home..
played sims again..
i did went out with the girls to murni's..
that was the only highlight of the day to me..
XD ..
watermelon special!..
thats the bomb!..
oh and i shall try ordering that pizza dragon thingy..
looks interesting..

Day 5(sund)
as always..
same shit different day..
rotted at home mostly..
missed going out shisha with the kids for something..
i think i am depressed..
like literally..
i figured out i was being depressed..
i have all the stupid symptoms..
i am persistantly angry, irritated and mostly lost and empty..
i feel useless, pessimistic and worthless
i have major insomnia and at times oversleeping..
i dont really eat in a day anymore..
im not bullshitting here..
i really dont eat anymore..
whats the point pun..
i cant really concentrate or remember things..
AND this is the shit..
i suddenly have those suicidal thoughts..
last time i had that..
a long time ago..
i have a car..

Day 6(mon)
which is today..
im going out..
i think..
need to drive fast today..
if i die..
would anyone care?

dont think so ryte?..

1 comment:

  1. tsk! dont drive fast please.
    ps- I think someone stalks you from my LJ because Ive never clicked your link from my LJ sbb I dah bookmark you so ooooooh youve gotten yourself a stalker (or two, or three) this cuti oooh oooh ooooh..
    ok I shall stop now before I start to tulis surat chenta disini k bai!