Tuesday, June 23, 2009


i realized that human beings could be so cruel to each other in a moment
and totally lose themselves doing it
without realizing its mean at that moment
maybe after that incident
when their more rational and thoughtful
they would realize what they did was wrong and totally irresponsible
but others are also too judgmental of peoples behavior
i mean
who are they to say what one person does is right or wrong?
is there a code of conduct that list out what defines cruelty?
no right?

who are you to condemn me or anyone else's behavior when you yourself has probably done worse than me or others?

i may have done stupid things in the past
i've apologized
if the people i've done wrong things can't accept my apology
so be it
why do i want to waste my time or theirs trying to convince how sorry i am

see yourself before you judge anyone else

g'day mates

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