Monday, May 18, 2009

james dean

today was hectic..
we did the shooting and all..
passed up soga assignment..
i couldn't event text james dean properly..
he's merajuking with me about that..
and about all the other days i was busy..
i think i was avoiding him..
im preparing myself in case he breaks up with me..
i hate break ups..
i always have to start all over again..
i hate the process..
i like it when we're already comfortable with each other..

james dean he's been acting strange since yesterday..
i don't know what to do or say..
since he rarely acts this way..
so here i am at his workplace..
i drove all the way here even though i'm super duper tired..
i'm such a good girlfriend.. ;)
he cried and all..
he said he doesn't know whats wrong with him..
i have a hunch..
but i don't know..

tomorrow is presentation marketing day!.. :O
i'm scared!..
i have NO confidence in front..
:( ..
i want help!

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